By: syahreil hafiz

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Wednesday, 27-Sep-2006 17:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking Outside - COBRA 10 side 2006

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This my 1st time shoot rugby game..very interesting game..hope can shoot it again next year..

Friday, 15-Sep-2006 12:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking Outside - marang Terengganu

fisherman in his boat
sunrise in marang
This fishing village is famous for its sweeping scenery. Beauty and function converge in the rows of colourful, elegantly carved fishing boats moored on the sparkling waters.
By bus it will take 30 minutes to come to Marang from Kuala Terengganu..Professed by many to be the "Queen of Sunrises", this bustling riverine village, about 15km south of Kuala Terengganu, grew originally from a cluster of fishing folks' homes. It is today acknowledged by many as the most advantageous point along the East Coast to witness and photograph the most spectacular daily sunrise in the country.

The most popular spot for this purpose is the bridge across the river mouth where one can also admire the colourfully painted fishing boats as they plough down the river towards the sea in the early moments of dawn. Marang beach is unique in that its broad golden sands form a remarkable stretch of sand dunes like a wall that slopes dramatically into the sea, creating an unusual two-tier beach.

From Marang jetty you can take a boat to Pulau Kapas by 15 minutes boat ride..its very stunning experience ...

Friday, 1-Sep-2006 03:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking Outside - Happy Birthday Malaya

3rd blast
2nd blast

kamera model : NIKON D50
lens : 18-55mm
F : f16
speed : 4 sec
focal : 40mm
exposure : manual exposure

Tuesday, 22-Aug-2006 16:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking Outside - Somewhere in Penang


somewhere in penang...in megacities of GeorgeTown

Wednesday, 16-Aug-2006 14:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Looking Outside -Wayang Kulit Gedek

Wayang kulit Gedek is the Malay term for the shadow puppet theatre of southern Thailand which is known as nang talung among the Thai people. This shadow puppet theatre using small leather puppets suppossedly originated in the southern Thai town called Pattalung, hence the name nang (theatre) talung (an abbreviated form of the namee Pattalung). Performances of this type of shadow puppet theatre can be found not only in southern Thailand, but also in the northern Malaysian states of Kedah and Kelantan, where it is performed in the Thai language or in a mixture of Thai and the local dialect of the Malay language, depending upon the particular region in which it is presented. The style of the small leather puppets and the general presentation of the wayang kulit Gedek take form in a distinctly southern Thai idiom, featuring the use of very thin,delicate, full-and profile faced puppets. The small orchestra also strongly exhibits Thai features with the use of various drums, bronze gongs, cymbals, and fiddles. Formerly in Thailand the Thai shawm called the pi or the pi Jawa was included in the ensemble (a feature still present in many ensembles found in Malaysia), but in more recent times in southern Thailand there has been a preference for the Thai fiddles saw oo and saw duang.

The remaining types of shadow puppet theatre, the wayang kulit Siam and the wayang kulit Melayu, are Malay types of shadow play performed by Malay peoples in the various regional dialects of the Malay language.

Syahreil Hafiz Samsudin
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YM : lemang2002
contact : 0124517038

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